LT Series

Heavy-Duty Systems
Vessel Size: 80 - 150 ft
Production: 3,000 - 7,000 Gal/Day
Apllication: Mega Yachts | Commercial Fishing

The LT Mega Yacht Series delivers a high capacity production and is designed with a compact, minimal footprint. Made for continuous production, the LT series is the reliable source of fresh water for large vessels in any part of the sea.


• Stainless steel high pressure pump is resistant to the corrosive seawater environment
• Fiberglass cartridge filter hosing holds 100 square foot 5 micron element
• Marine bronze low pressure pump provides up to 50 psi of boost pressure to the filtration system
• Glycerine filled pressure gauges
• Flowmeters to monitor freshwater and reject rates
• Freshwater flush system included standard
• 316 stainless steel pressure regulator is adjustable to allow operation in brackish or fresh water
• Electrical control panel Nema 4X with motor starter and pump controls
• Automatic diversion valve diverts water to overboard if quality drops below acceptable standards


• Horizontal and modular membrane racking options deliver installation flexibility.
• Saves space with a minimal footprint that is only 40" deep.
• Easy access to maintenance parts.