LTM Series

High-Capacity Systems
Vessel Size: 50 - 100 ft
Production: 500 - 1,800 Gal/Day
Apllication:Commercial Fishing

The LTM delivers a practical and reliable source of fresh water to boaters with high supply demands. The LTM gives you absolute water independence for various leisures such as extended voyages, ocean crossings, or fishing.


• Available for 12V, 24V, 110V, 220V power supplies as shown
• 5 micron cleanable prefilter
• Powder coated mounting brackets included
• Control manifold pressure regulator ensures consistent pressure and prevents over or under pressurization of the unit. Adjustable to allow operation in brackish or fresh water
• Acrylic flowmeter to monitor production
• High quality spiral wound TFC reverse osmosis membranes
• Magnetic drive boost pump
• Stainless steel glycerin filled pressure gauges
• High pressure pump impervious to the corrosive sea water environment and and designed for maximum efficiency.


• Top mount membrane option for 400 & 600 models
• Semi-modular frame allows flexible installation options.
• Ideal for extended cruises or voyages.