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Pure Water

For commercial marine applications

Pure Water Commercial Series Specifications (PDF file)
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  Pure Water Commercial Series
  The PW Series reverse osmosisdesalination systems are the preferred choice of fresh watergenerating equipment for themost discriminating marineoperators (such as major oil companies, the United States Navy, the United States Coast
  Guard and the Cousteau Society).Thousands of installations have proven this series to be the most
reliable on the market. They are designed to provide performance and longevity under the most rugged conditions.
  Standard Features:  
  Stainless Steel 316 pre-filtration housings deliver 200 sq. ft. of filtering area.  
  Boost pump provides up to 50 psi of boost pressure to the filtration
  Stainless steel, glycerin filled pressure gauges accurately read pressure at filters, pump and
  Easy to operate 316 SS highpressure bypass valve controls the
operating mode from cleaning/ rinse to water production. Allows
high pressure bypass for start-up and low pressure flushing without
readjustment of regulating valve.

Automatic diversion valve diverts water to discharge if water quality
drops below acceptable standards.
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