Pure Water (PW) Series

Heavy-Duty Systems
Vessel Size: 50 - 100 ft
Production: 400 - 2,000 Gal/Day
Apllication: Work Boats | Patrol Boats | Mega Yachts

The Pure Water (PW) operates continuously and withstands the most rugged conditions. The Pure Water is not only capable of delivering industrial amounts of fresh water, but it also delivers superior performance and an extended service life.


• Adjustable 316 SS pressure regulating valve allows use in fresh, brackish or seawater.
• Easy to operate 316 SS high pressure bypass valve controls the operating mode and allows high pressure bypass for start-up and low pressure flushing without readjustment of regulating valve.


• Operates continuously, capable of 24/7 production.
• Large production capacity with small footprint
• Framed, semi modular, and modular configuration options provides flexible installation solutions.