Stowaway (STW) Series

Mid-Range Systems
Vessel Size: 40 - 60 ft
Production: 400 - 800 Gal/Day
Apllication: Work Boats | Trawlers

The Stowaway (STW) offers you the option of having a single framed unit to place anywhere within your engine room. Simple to use and easy to install, this workhorse delivers a reliable source of fresh water during your cruises.


• Unique titanium high pressure pump head is impervious to the corrosive seawater environment and is designed for very simple valve service
• Easy access sediment prefilter
• Maintenance-free air/oil separator allows operation while underway
• Magnetic drive low pressure pump provides up to 10 psi of boost pressure to the filtration system. Never requires seal replacement
• Glycerine filled pressure gauges and acrylic flowmeters for both product and reject streams
• Automatic freshwater flush system standard, allowing programed timed flush or one button remote flush.
• 316 stainless steel pressure regulator ensures consistent pressure and prevents over or under pressurization of the unit. Adjustable to allow operation in brackish or fresh water.
• Easy to operate 316 SS high pressure bypass valve controls the operation from cleaning/rinse to R.O. mode and allows high pressure bypass for start-up and low pressure flushing without readjustment of regulating valve
• Automatic diversion valve diverts water to discharge if water quality drops below acceptable standards


• Standard remote control touchscreen panel included.
• Semi-modular configuration allows flexible installation solutions.
• Emits low levels of noise and vibration during run time.